Another example of the ingenuity of some people.


I have already posted about the possibility of restoring a camper trailer as a tiny house.

It certainly can be done as people have shown. Here is another example of using a trailer as your base, gutting it, and rebuilding it as a pretty amazing tiny house on wheels.

ron-rusnak-200-sq-ft-tiny-house© Ron Rusnak

So it is possible to refurbish a trailer and use it as the base for your tiny house. That being said, there is going to be a lot of work involved to do it properly.

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© Ron Rusnak

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It has an apartment sized range and I love the pull down kitchen faucet.

© Ron Rusnak

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200 square foot tiny house on wheels
© Ron Rusnak

There is built storage throughout and the bathroom boasts a 32 inch shower. Check out the gorgeous bathroom sink!

What really helps this refurbished trailer turned tiny house is the use of natural light. It makes it feel much larger than its 200 square feet.

© Ron Rusnak

I am not a builder or construction person. I just enjoy the possibility of alternatives when it comes to housing. Is it possible to refurbish a trailer into a glorious tiny house? Yes. Are there other ways to have the tiny home of your dreams? Of course.

This particular example of a tiny home kind of shows that they don’t have to look a certain way. Let you mind wander and come up with whatever works for you.

Using a trailer as your starting point is just an option that may fit with what you want to accomplish.

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