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We make our lives too damn complicated. And then we complain about it. Not sure why this is exactly but it really does not have to be this way. There are some simple things that you can start doing today that will actually make your life easier.


Make these small tweaks and see how your life improves.

Eat your meals slowly without the distraction of the television or computer. I live in a smallish apartment and as a single guy, I do not have a dedicated eating space. That has to change. So I am going to come up with a space OUT OF THE MAIN LIVING AREA for eating. I will enjoy the silence. I will listen to music perhaps. Seems to me that there are studies that suggest that eating in front of the television makes us fatter. Um, yeah. I don’t need that.

While we are on the topic of no tech, how about no technology when we go to bed? Getting proper sleep is so important for our health. I have long held the belief that the bedroom is for two things: Sleeping and sex. Again, I am single…well you can guess what I am doing the most of these days. Oh well. Anyway, try switching off all of your gadgets tonight when you go to bed.

I kind of enjoy motivational quotes and phrases. I realize that a lot of people find them corny. I think that they help a person’s mindset and outlook and there are times that we need all the help we can get. So put some on sticky notes and put them around your place. Put them in your bedroom, the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Get your clothes ready for the next day. This one is huge for me. I am a substitute teacher. So I get jobs for teaching at 5am or so. I have to have my stuff ready ahead of time. How many times have you stared blankly at your closet trying to figure out what to wear? Cut the stress of this by picking out an outfit(or two) the night before.

Save your spare change. Just a dollar per day is 365$ per year.(I am so clever!). Who couldn’t use that extra money during the holiday spending season. Or try this one. Save a dollar this week, then increase the amount by a dollar every week thereafter (so next week put in $2, followed by $3 the week after and so on). This sneaky trick will help you save $1,378 over a year. That is some serious extra cash.

Cook real food. I am not a fan of grocery shopping or cooking. I can cook, I just don’t care for it. Maybe I should set aside an afternoon or day to prep my meals for the week. This would save me time during the week to do other stuff.

How much time do you spend looking for common items like your keys? Hang a hook and make it a habit to put them on said hook. Create a landing spot for other items that are used frequently: Bank card, charging station for your phone, a place for mail(do people still get physical mail?).


What simple ideas have you implemented in your life that has made things better and easier?


Please tell your story in the comments. We would all love to hear from you.

And please share this post via social media. Thank you.



“Live Simply”


2 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Make Your Life Easier TODAY

  1. Not wearing shoes in our house. This saves immensely on floor coverings and on vacuuming. We redid all the hardwood floors in our house 20 years ago before we moved into our house. The floors still look like new since we never set foot in the house with shoes on. Not wearing shoes inside the house has the added psychological benefit of leaving the outside world and its stresses outside. Moreover, we don’t have to vacuum nearly as often as we would if we wore shoes. Plus, we never have to scrub floors other than once or twice a year the kitchen floor and when we scrub the bathroom floor which is every two weeks.

    To add on to your issue re: cooking, I have learned to only make recipes with the fewest number of ingredients. I have been cooking vegetarian for nearly 30 years and that is one reason (because vegetarian meals can be far more labor-intensive than non-veg meals) I cannot stand cooking at this stage of life (nearly 50). So I have a repertoire of menus that are healthy and still take some time to make, BUT I double recipes so that helps as that is two nights of food. Saying no to recipes with too many ingredients and/or too elaborate a recipe is a way to make cooking more palatable as I really hate cooking at this point in life. We only buy organic ingredients so that really ups the taste factor.

    1. Yes to the no shoes in the house idea. I have read or see something about this in regards to the amount of dirt that gets brought in. I think it ties in the with having a mat at the door to wipe your shoes. Something like 90% of dirt is reduced this way!!
      Thanks for the food comment as well. I really need help in this area. It is just habit on my part of course.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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