What are your thoughts on this rustic tiny house?

4000 dollar tiny house
© Herrle Custom Carpentry

Sigh. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the skills to be able to craft a tiny house this beautiful?

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Dave Herrle of Westbrook, Connecticut has those skills and he built this wonderful tiny home in 6 weeks and for 4000$.

His motivation for living a life of simplicity came during a through hike of the Appalachian Trail.

“For the longest time I had a hard time not being “normal.” I graduated from a small liberal arts college, got a desk job, and hated every minute of it. In 2007 my life changed dramatically after hiking the entirity of the Appalachian Trail. It was a gut check in life and I’m lucky it happened when I was 27 and not 67. My time in the woods gave me a perspective on the benefits of simplicity. It was in the woods that I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend a lifetime doing a job I didn’t enjoy.”Dave Herle

4000 dollar tiny house
© Herrle Custom Carpentry

Possibly the best part of the story is that Herrle’s fiance was on board with the quest for a more Waldenesque life of simplicity. How lucky can a guy be??

DIY tiny house
© Herrle Custom Carpentry

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tiny house living
© Herrle Custom Carpentry

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I love tiny houses
© Herrle Custom Carpentry
forest tiny house
© Herrle Custom Carpentry

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tiny house living
© Herrle Custom Carpentry

For a lot of you this is what tiny house living is all about. The simplicity. Having the time to actually enjoy life and your family.

Find out more about Herrle Custom Carpentry.

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8 thoughts on “Tiny House Built For 4000$ In Six Weeks

  1. Your tiny house photos look really cool. And the stories behind them are inspirational. It really is great to have your life packed in such a small space. Have you considered making such a move yourself?

    1. Oh I have considered it. I am more of a wanderer so my current plan is to sell everything and travel. IF I was to stay long in a place then certainly I would consider one. I am the perfect candidate: Single,minimalist,introvert

  2. Just amazing, being able to travel the world for the cost of a mortgage is within reach. This is a beautiful piece of work. This is a dream my wife and I have in the future, glad to see someone beat us so we have a guide for the future. 😁

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