Have you been contemplating how to change your life in certain areas? One of those areas may just be your living or housing situation.

Maybe you have come to realize that you no longer need the larger house that you currently have.

It is all about Changing the Code. That means that you are interesting in changing your way of thinking on a wide array of life issues.

A Very Nice Prefab Tiny House

How about a prefabricated structure to be used as a tiny house?

Yes they do exist as a possible option for tiny house living.

Book SuggestionPrefabulous and Sustainable

This prefabricated Arched Cabin tiny house boasts serious insulation so you will stay warm and toasty. They will provide a safe and affordable structure that also meets building codes.


As you will see if you click around on this blog, I love tiny houses. I have never been in one(that is changing this weekend!!) so I do not even know if I would like to have one.

But for some reason the thought of a small space with less stuff appeals to me.

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Tiny houses can range wildly in price and let’s not even get started on the latest sustainable eco home du jour with all the newest technology. I don’t know about you but I just ain’t dropping a quarter of a million dollars or more on a”green home”.

Book suggestion- Prefabulous and Off The Grid

Thankfully there are other options out there like the DIY Earthbag house and now these cute prefab tiny houses from Arched Cabins.

So there are some companies out there who are coming up with affordable prefab tiny house options.


A standard prefab Arched Cabin kit comes complete with floor plates, ribs, a ridge beam, R13 insulation (though this can be upgraded to R25 insulation for cooler climes), Super Span roof paneling, trim and fasteners. It does not come with a foundation, installation, interior finishings or end caps – but the distributors are able to provide assistance to those who aren’t avid DIYers. Sizes range from 14 feet wide and 12 feet tall to 24 feet wide 32 feet tall, and they are custom designed for those who require particular dimensions.

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Sounds great, you say? But what about being structurally sound for those of us that live, you know, where there IS WEATHER?!

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Relax. These prefab tiny houses are not a dinky little shed. They are rated for 150mph winds and 30 PSF (pounds per square feet) of snow, so if put together properly you will be okay.

prefab tiny house

prefab eco house

Okay let’s get to it. How much? The smallest cabin costs under $1,000 before shipping and without all the upgrades, while a 12×24, which can easily be used as a one-room tiny home, costs less than $5,000 for the basics. Certainly this is going to go up as you add in some other costs. Hell even if you get it done for under 15000$ you are way ahead in my book.

Book SuggestionTiny House Floor Plans

With a bit of ingenuity and maybe using some repurposed materials, it maybe be possible to build a nice prefab tiny house that will be easy to heat and cool, without having to pay the bank a dime of your hard-earned funds. Sounds pretty damn good to me.

Check out the Arched Cabins site for lots more info, and see their fantastic gallery of images here.

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Change The Code. Change Your Life


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