Which is better for tiny house living?

Tiny Modular House
Tiny Modular House

Those of us that love tiny houses and all dwellings small just love them for what they are. We enjoy the cuteness, the small footprint, the money savings, the simple life they afford us, and the sustainability of it all.

We cannot get enough of tiny houses it seems.

But what about if you were asked to actually make a choice between an actual tiny house on wheels or a trailer repurposed into a tiny house?

Is one better than the other?


The Case For Tiny Houses

tiny house living
Ready for a Tiny House?

1. They look more like an actual house. Just…tiny. Some of us like familiarity. A tiny house can feel more solid, and even though it may be on wheels, it feels more permanent.

2. They are more weatherproof. Because they are built from scratch from the trailer up, you are going to make sure to use all of the proper weatherproofing materials necessary for your location.

3. You choose what you want to use. A lot of us love tiny houses for their eco footprint. You get to choose green building materials and appliances etc. A bit harder(almost impossible) in a trailer based tiny house.

4. You can make it any way you want! You are starting from scratch so you can do whatever you want.

japanese tiny house


The Case For Trailers as Tiny House

rv tiny house

1. There are more mobile. They started life as something that was meant to be moved around. They are more aerodynamic and much lighter, therefore they are easier to move around.

2. Building codes and legal stuff. RVs are pretty straightforward in terms of getting insurance for one, and interestingly, there appears to be a relatively larger community of people who live full-time in their RVs who can share their experience.

3. Cheaper to get started. There are thousands of trailers for sale out there that can be picked up for next to nothing. So if you are on a super tight budget, this IS the way to get started.


The Case For A Hybrid

c Ron Rusnak


People who have some serious skills are picking up trailers and then redoing them into tiny houses that will make you drool.

Or maybe you want to find a school bus and turn it into THIS!


The options are many when it comes to actually deciding what kind of tiny house or small house you want to live in.

I have only mentioned a few of the pros when it comes to living in a tiny home or trailer. Of course there are cons to consider as well. You’ve got some serious decisions to make.



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2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses or Trailers? Which Do You Prefer?

  1. I’d go for tiny house on a pad, because next time I move, it could be to another continent and then what good will wheels do me in the middle of the ocean? Cheers! Also, I keep living in windy places and I don’t want my house rocking. It reminds me of too many earthquakes I’ve lived through. On the other hand, it won’t stop me from looking at tiny houses on trailers and thinking they look amazing and creative!

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