Images are copyright of photographer Japhet Alvarez.

Made In Canada

Update: As of August 2015 this house was listed for sale.

Shipping container homeThis is actually three shipping containers placed side by side.

Shipping container homes are among some of the most ingenious designed small homes that people come up with. They are modular structures that can be put together almost like Lego.

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Here is an off grid shipping container house built in Canada.

shipping container home
off grid shipping container home

Joseph Dupuis bought three disused shipping containers for about 2600$ USD each, had them moved to a secluded location outside of Ottawa, Ontario and set about creating this charmingly minimalist shipping container home. It boasts about 355 sq feet of space

shipping container tiny house

The home is powered by rooftop solar panels and heated by a wood stove and heated floors. I like the fact that there are no interior walls; so much more open space to enjoy. For those that are curious about bathroom business, well there is an outhouse for that.

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shipping container house

Water comes from a generous neighbor and is pumped from a holding tank.

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off grid shipping container home

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shipping container house

Images are copyright of photographer Japhet Alvarez.

Now let’s not think for a second that a shipping container home such as this is just thrown together. LOTS of planning has gone into creating a beautiful house such as this one.

Oh and by the way, there are about 17 million empty shipping containers in North America alone. Just think of the beautiful house you could create!

If you think you may want to actually study more about how to build a shipping container home then you should look at the following resources.

Please be sure to check with local building code officials before undertaking an building project.

tiny eco house
Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style

shipping container house floor plans

Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

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