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I love  it when people come up with a tiny house design that is just a bit different from what we normally see being  built. As I have said before you are only limited by your imagination.

So here we have a beautiful rustic tiny house design. Just a little bit outside the norm. I mean just look at that half-moon window!

rustic tiny house
all photos copyright Nicholette Jean Photography

This tiny house measures just 230 square feet, but offers tonnes of additional space in storage!

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230 Sq. Feet, Sleeping Loft, 1 Bathroom
Brand new, custom built 8×20ʼutility trailer (10,000 lb GVW)
Located in Portland OR, USA

rustic tiny house on wheelsLook at the sliding barn door. A wonderful design feature for any tiny house.

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tiny house designThe natural light and high ceiling add to the feeling of spaciousness.

tiny house loft area

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tiny house composting toilet

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tiny house showerWow! Ingenious design of the shower space with unique wine barrel shower basin. Personally I like it but one would have to use it to see how practical it may be.

barn style tiny house

What do you think of this tiny house design? Would you live here? Would you change anything? And what are your thoughts on that shower?!

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13 thoughts on “A Beautiful Rustic Tiny House. Wait Until You See the Shower!!

    1. Yes I completely agree about this particular Tiny House for some reason. I just appeals to me. Of course lots of other tiny house designs are very nice as well!

  1. I like the third control in the shower, after you get the water temperature perfect, you can easily shut it off to save water when you are scrubbing, then you can quickly have it on again to rinse off. That will save a ton of water!

    1. I JUST watched a neat video about water usage. Each person averages about 150 liters per day of water. That is direct use. Kind of crazy. Very applicable comment. Thanks.

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