tiny house on wheels for rent

185 sq ft tiny house on wheels in Nashville that you can rent for the night. The home can comfortably fit three people and comes with a full kitchen, full bathroom, a living/dining area, stairs that double as storage, and a spacious loft bedroom.

tiny house for rent       Beautiful, modern, and eco-friendly.



nashville tiny house for rent Everything you’d want in a home away from home: full kitchen, bathroom, living room, heat/air, hot water, queen-size memory foam bed, desk, USB outlets, wifi, and smart TV with Netflix and Hulu.




The kitchen is fully-stocked, so you can do as much cooking as you want or need:

  • Two-burner cooktop
  • Toaster oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee maker!



Nashville-tiny-house-5        Simple is indeed beautiful.  Minimalist living at its best.



Nashville-tiny-house-6This Tiny house bathroom has a rainshower (yes, there’s hot water!), a sink, and a waterless, composting toilet.


Nashville-tiny-house-7       Lots of room to prep your meals



Nashville-tiny-house-8       6-inch memory foam mattress.



Nashville-tiny-house-9        And a Beautiful outdoor space.



Not only does this provide us with some wonderful design, this wonderful tiny house is available for rent on Airbnb.


What are your thoughts on this tiny house. Please share in the comments.



“Live Simply”

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