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Mind. Blown.

Okay we are getting serious now. This tiny house-named Waterhaus by Greenpod Developments- clocks in at 450sq feet, so not so tiny when compared to many other tiny homes on the market.

Waterhaus Tiny house

This tiny home also comes furnished with locally made items constructed out of sustainable and/or recycled materials.
For power and energy, the home features LED lighting, induction cooktop, and a passive solar design with a solar panel roof deck option.

Stunning AND sustainable.

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The process involves using a 3D modeling program to conceptualize your home on the site. It starts with energy efficient and a non-toxic shell design. Next, you focus on interior components and finishes based on your budget .

tiny house kitchen

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waterhaus tiny house


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waterhaus tiny house

tiny house bathroom

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waterhaus tiny house on wheels

waterhaus prefab tiny house

Pods start at less than $180.00 to $250.00 sf depending on your design and finish choices. This includes module fabrication, but not the cost of your land or site preparation. The total cost of your Pod may also vary depending on your geographical area, site conditions, and services. Transportable modular homes are more cost efficient in fabricating, but are comparable in cost to modular component site-built homes considering the cost of moving and setting into place. Find out more via the Greenpods Process Page

Designed by GreenPod Developments in Townsend, Washington, and built in partnership with SproutTinyHomes of La Junta, Colorado.

GreenPod does have other tiny house designs and models that are sure to impress just as much as the Waterhaus model.

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Your thoughts on this incredible tiny house??

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9 thoughts on “The Waterhaus Tiny House Is More Than A Tiny House. WOW!

  1. I would love to have a tiny house do they have tiny houses for homeless people I would love to have one something to help me get me back I love looking at the tiny houses can you tell me how can get started Thank You

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