A Yurt May Be The Tiny House You Are Looking For

What is a yurt

Maybe there are a few people that do not want a tiny house on wheels. There are certainly other forms of tiny houses to consider. One example of a time tested tiny house design is a Yurt.

What is a Yurt?

A yurt is a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, traditionally used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey. This form of housing has been used for thousands of years by the nomadic peoples of different countries. The dome shaped structures are cozy, somewhat easy to assemble, and quite relaxing.

A yurt is sturdy enough to withstand rainstorms, blizzards and howling winds of up to 100 km per hour. They’re also portable, if you want it to be, which would take camping to a whole other level.

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What are Some Advantages to Living in a Yurt

Yurts have many advantages, both tangible and intangible. An ancient nomadic shelter, yurts provide a reprieve from the rectilinear excesses of modern culture and remind us, through their circular form, of the unity and interconnectedness of all things. Versatile, beautiful and spiritual, both traditional and contemporary versions provide shelter that is affordable, accessible and gentle to the earth.

Yurt with kitchen

As with any form of housing there is upkeep and maintenance involved. Yurts should be kept as dry as possible. If you are keeping your yurt standing all the time, light a fire in the stove to dry the yurt as frequently as you deem necessary. During the winter, try to remove the snow on the roof top before it melts. If you cannot manage to do this, heat the yurt with a fire in the stove once a week.

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There is some maintenance involved with owning a yurt. You should wash the inner and outer cotton canvas just as you do any kind of cotton product. Use a soft brush with a mild soap detergent,i.e. Daz washing powder. Then use warm water to rinse off any excess soap. Then dry off with a towel. The canvas used can be cleaned and even re-proofed after several years of use. As for the wooden parts, these can be cleaned in the same way as wooden furniture by wiping it with a damp cloth.

yurt interior

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yurt interior

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yurt roof dome

yurt window

yurt building frame

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yurt canvas exterior

yurt contruction

building a yurt

Thanks to Canadian company Yurta, they’re now easy to obtain and put together yourself. Based in Pickering, Ontario (just outide Toronto), Yurta offers customizable yurt structures, staring at $8,750. They ship anywhere you are.

In Nova Scotia visit Little Foot Yurts for lots of information on construction. They even do workshops!

How do you feel about this option for tiny house living?

Check out The Complete Yurt Handbook if you think this may be something you are interested in.

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Yurt interior kitchen

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