There are so many wonderful tiny house designs to fall in love with as we see here and here and here.

toybox tiny house
All photos via Toy Box Tiny Home

This colorful little beauty comes courtesy of ToyBox Homes based in Illinois.

It is 140 square feet and is loaded with eco-friendly features, including white, energy-efficient thermoplastic roofing, a large sliding glass door and ample windows that enhance daylighting and natural ventilation, and built-in planters that can be irrigated by gray water from interior sinks. Other distinguishing features: storage cubes that can transform into different seating configurations in the living room(kind of hard on the back though I would think!), a floating cabinet for housing common cooking ingredients, and a loft big enough for a king-size bed.

However I personally am not a fan of wet bathrooms. And right now there is no toilet(??) but the house has been plumbed to accept one. Not sure I understand that.

This first model is actually available for sale right now for $48,000.

Find all the specs and more info on the TinyBox website.

tinybox 10

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5 thoughts on “ToyBox Tiny Home is Cute And Eco-Friendly

  1. tiny living is something i hope to try in my lifetime 🙂 but, not a wet bathroom. i have used one of those before and they are always damp and mold easily grows in them. other than that, the place looks awesome.

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