Where do I come up with these thoughts that rattle around in my head from time to time?

Goodness knows.

So in my last post I wrote about feeling empty. Not depressed exactly. Just empty. Each day seems to be a repeat of the day before.

So today I was reading about traveling to various places as I have a plan to do some traveling in January to March of 2017. I need a bit of a reset and it has been a while since I have had a chance to head out and explore.

Originally Lisbon was my go to destination and it may still be but after my original flight got cancelled flight prices have SKYROCKETED. I am now looking at other destinations that are budget friendly and warm.

In my warped way of thinking I was wondering if at 46 I am getting a bit too old to be staying in hostels with the usual 20 something year old crowd.

I even did a search on that exact question!

It turns out that I am not the only one who feels that way. There were lots of results.

I sent an email to the hostel I was thinking of going to stay at and they replied right away and said that they have travelers of all ages so come on down. Now maybe they are just saying that to be polite AND to get the business.Who knows?

It did make me feel better about the whole thing.

ANYWAY all of this got me to thinking about the fact that life seems to come with a calendar.



  • By 15 you should have had your first kiss
  • By 18 you should be in university
  • By 20 you should be out in your own place
  • By 24 you should be engaged
  • By 27 you should be married
  • etc.


And so on. There are various articles about it.

And I hate it all.

At a young age you have all these dreams and fantasies but as you creep along towards adulthood people start pressuring you to be more “practical”. To start planning for your future.

Well what if you actually do want to teach overseas and just travel and see what the world has to offer?

You are made to feel like an outcast. Oh sure people love reading about people who do this sort of thing but if someone was to bring it up like they were actually going to do it, they would be ridiculed.

You can’t alter the course of your path.
You can’t reinvent yourself.
You can’t pursue your dreams because you’re too old


But how many people end up at 30 or 35 or 40 years old and realize that they made all the WRONG choices?

The North American milestones that are supposed to bring happiness have made them miserable!

And they feel stuck and that they cannot make a change.

It’s all bullshit.

So I am booking a trip. I am going somewhere. Maybe I will be the oldest person at the hostel.

Who the hell cares?









One thought on “Does Life Have A Calendar?

  1. Great post. At 62, I couldn’t agree more. However, I sure wish my 37 yo son would give me a grandchild while I can still hold my own head up! Maybe he should get married first…ANYWAY — I”m headed to Egypt in less than three weeks. Strong dollar against the E pound (sorry for them, but good for me!). Go, see, do — while you can!

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