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escape traveler xl tiny house

Premier tiny house house builders Escape have gone above and beyond their Traveler model, which already features major amenities like a full-size oven and bathtub, and have upsized to the Traveler XL

The Escape Traveler XL checks in at 319 sq feet, can sleep up to 8 and features a Queen-size bed on the ground level.

escape traveler xl tiny house

This “tiny house” is pretty big; 35-feet long, and 13,000-pounds. But it comes with some serious amenities. Washer/dryer combo, 2 sleeping lofts, full sized appliances and more. Of course you are going to pay for this custom built tiny home to the tune of(hold your breath) over 72000$ for a fully tricked out version. There is also an “Off-Grid Package,” a set of solar energy, rainwater collection, and composting options to look into.

Still, for what you get I supposed the price is pretty good for a custom built tiny home on wheels…

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17 thoughts on “Escape Traveler XL Tiny House with Full-Size Appliances Can Sleep 8

    1. Yes tiny houses are amazing. Of course these custom tiny homes are still a pretty penny but they are captivating to look at and for me dream about having! Thanks for your comment.

  1. This is super cute. I love the full size appliances and the wood finishes. It looks so light and bright. Absolutely beautiful!

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