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How to Simplify Your Life

This website is mostly about living a minimalist lifestyle , voluntary simplicity and learning how to simplify your life.

We believe that you have to Change The Code of your programming and rethink the way you live your life.

From time to time there will be other topics such as healthy living, dealing with clutter, how to save more money, happiness, contentment, simple living, frugality, minimalist decorating and design ideas, eco living, minimalist travel and one of my favorite topics Tiny House floor plans.

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It’s about clearing the clutter, both physical and mental, so we can focus on what is truly important.

What do I feel is important? Certainly not the mindless spending of money on token material possessions. I believe in slowing down and enjoying the moment. I believe in helping others. I believe in spending more time with those that you love and spending more time in nature.

It is about getting rid of the things that do not matter and making room for more of what does.

Do you need to simplify your life?

  • Is your sleep frequently interrupted by too many racing thoughts?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk into your house?
  • Do you rarely have time for yourself?
  • Do you feel like all you do is work, run errands, pay bills, and do chores?
  • Do you feel that your work doesn’t feed your soul, but you’re stuck because you need the money?
  • Are too many of your meals eaten on the run?
  • Do you often feel exhausted?
  • Does your heart race when you finally stop and slow down?
  • Do you spend time fantasizing about slowing down, but never seem to have the time or money to be able to?
  • Are too many commitments keeping you from being a good friend, spouse or parent?
  • Do you often wish you could volunteer or give of yourself, but you’re too busy trying to to just keep it together?
  • Do you worry that life is passing you by in a blur of “to-do’s” and “I should’s?”
  • Do you wonder and worry about spending too much money?

“There are really only two steps to simplifying. Identify what’s most important to you. Eliminate everything else.” – Leo Babauta

You want to live a life that matters. You believe that there is more to life than stuff, spending money and being in debt.

You want to live consciously. This means you want to be present in every moment. You want to live deliberately.

I am not an extreme minimalist and you do not have to be one either(unless you choose to be), but I certainly have a lot less stuff than most folks and I love my own minimalist, simple lifestyle.

It is up to you to actually make the changes that are needed to live the life you want to live.

That being said, please realize that I am a work in progress. I too am still leaning how to Change The Code in order to live a better life.

So what’s in this for you?

You found this blog on how to simplify life and live a minimalist lifestyle because you have an interest in slowing down and living consciously. You know that there is more to life than just having stuff, spending money, being in debt and not having time for the things that are truly important to you. You want advice on how to make living a minimalist lifestyle a reality. You want tips on how to make some changes.

This blog can certainly help you with this.

I trust you will read something here that helps you or maybe even inspires you to take action to live a more minimalist and simple lifestyle.

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“Change the code. Change Your Life.”


5 thoughts on “How To Simplify Your Life

  1. Hello

    I would like to say thanks so much for this well-written article on living life in a more simpler way, what really stood out for me were the questions – These definitely work well with anyone looking to make a complete 180 on life

    1. Hi Greta. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Yes I believe in trying to Change The Code and living a simple life no matter what aspect of life it may pertain to. If you can would you please share the post on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks very much.- Mark

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