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Is It Time To Change Your Code?

What If Everything You Know Is A Lie?

What if you woke up tomorrow and everything you had thought was true was a deception? A deception formed by people that stood to profit from your ignorance. Not just on one small area but every facet of your existence. Would you want to know? Would you want to actually change your life?

Or, would you be content with the life you had before you discovered the truth? Could you close your eyes and act as if nothing ever happened? What if you could see the ways that you have been deceived and the way that those that came before you were made to believe a lie? How valuable would the truth become?


  • Would it make you change your habits?
  • Change your routines?
  • Change the way you talk or think or speak?
  • Would it impact you or would you brush it off and carry on with business as usual?


What if after waking up you decided to respond to that truth? What if you started studying history and world events and, like a string of pearls, events were no longer random but contained a sequence? What if that sequence was repeating? What if while studying these events they began to seem familiar?


You Are Programmed To Live A Certain Way

From the moment you are born you are bombarded with messages about how to live your life. Your parents and relatives, your friends and coworkers, your teachers, the media, and even the government are all giving you messages that end up influencing how you feel you should live you life.

What if they are wrong?

All of us have dreamed about fundamentally changing various aspects of our lives.

What aspects of your life need to change?

You can Change the Code on your:

  • Work situation
  • Health, fitness, and mental well-being
  • Financial situation
  • Relationships
  • and more


For some people, this kind of unrealized longing becomes almost habitual. What’s stopping you from taking the first actual step towards realizing their desires? The problem is that sometime we just don’t know where to begin. I mean it is easy to become overwhelmed with how to actually change the code and change your life.


How Many People Are Actually Happy With Their Life?

This a very subjective question. What is happiness anyway? What makes one person happy may not work for someone else at all. Maybe it should be contentedness or satisfaction or fulfillment.

Research into happiness has also yielded something a little less obvious: Being better educated, richer, or more accomplished doesn’t do much to predict whether someone will be happy. In fact, it might mean someone is less likely to be satisfied with life.

The reason for this stems from the fact that people are told that if they go to school, get good grades, go to university, get a high paying job, get married, have kids, live in a big house and have a certain type of lifestyle they WILL be happy.

Well maintaining that lifestyle isn’t easy. You have to work longer hours and probably have less time for your family and for yourself. Working more hours does not tend to lead to a happier life. It certainly does tend to lead to a lot more stress.

Sure, maybe you’ve made some money, and accomplished a couple of things in life, but are you truly everything you wanted to be? I mean, truly?


The Simple TRUTH About Getting What You Want In Life

So if damn near everything you have been told and taught in life is a lie, then what can you do to change your life and live a life that makes you feel good?

Some of these tips to change the way you think are going to seem a bit extreme.

That’s the point.

What you have done up to this point isn’t working so let’s try something different shall we?

Here are my suggestions:

  • Question everything. Conventional thinking is not longer working for you. So from now on question everything you hear, see and read.
  • Understand that Big Media is controlled by a select few. You hear and see what they want you to see and hear. They want to sell you stuff and have you believe that you are not good enough.
  • Don’t follow the masses(Sheeple). Just because everyone else is doing it does not mean it is right or that it will make your life better.
  • Question EVERYTHING the government tells you. Governments are largely controlled by special interest groups and lobbyists whose aim is to achieve a certain outcome. Now certainly you may have to live within a governmental framework. But that does not mean you have to believe everything(or anything) they tell you.


These are good places to start when you want to Change The Code and change your life. There will be more specific ideas in other blog posts so be sure to follow the Change Your Code blog.


The TRUTH Is You Must Change Your Thinking

You are in control of your life. You know that you have been lied to and now is the perfect time to do something about it. It will take some time and you will have to step outside your comfort zone in order to reprogram your code and change your life but it can be done.

Hell, I was the poster child for negative thinking and living my life the way I thought it was supposed to be lived.

If I can Change The Code, believe me, so can you.

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Change The Code. Change Your Life”

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