Why are some people drawn to tiny house living? What are  the benefits to living in a smaller or tiny house?

Living in a tiny house dramatically reduces your environmental footprint. People are slowly beginning to realize the damage we have done to the planet and see that change is necessary. A path in the right direction is downsizing. Thankfully a lot of people are realizing that they must Change The Code when it comes to their housing decisions.

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For a single person a tiny house may be a wonderful solution but for a family it could pose some challenges. For that reason, a tiny house won’t be an option for most people.

There is certainly a lot to consider if you are considering living in a tiny house so be sure to follow the Change The Code blog for more posts.

Now check out just 10 Of The Best Tiny Houses You Have Ever Seen


1.  Secret by the Sea



2  Orca Islands Cabin



3. The Painted Lady


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4. Minimotive

best tiny houses


5. Escape Homes Vintage



6. Shacks.com A-frame



7. WeeHouse



8. Studio Retreat



9. Kaya, Blue Moon Rentals



10. The Tiny Project


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So do you have a favorite out of these 10 amazing tiny houses?  Could you live in a tiny house?

Let us know in the comments and be sure to Tweet and share this post.


Change The Code. Change Your Life.



2 thoughts on “10 Of The Best Tiny Houses You Have Ever Seen

  1. Hi, I moved this year due to circumstances…..and now live in a tiny house. I love it. It is in Scotland and is a ‘butt’n’ben’ – the footprint is smaller than the downstairs of my previous house. There is a living room, with a kitchenette off, and a bedroom, with a bathroom off. That’s it. The bed is on a platform, about four foot high, so storage is under the bed. It has really helped to simplify my way of living and I love it! Please note: not good for hoarders.
    The living room is about 8′ by 12 ‘ so we are talking small. But it is having a profound positive effect on my life, clear the clutter and that includes my mind. Just not absorbed with ‘stuff’. Would recommend it as a way of living.

    1. This sounds very interesting. Yes being forced to get rid of stuff may not be ideal of course but at the same time declutting IS very liberating and having to be organized is a good thing as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

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