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I am just going to try and tell my story and you take from it what you will.

I have always been a slightly bigger person. Not huge by any means. Just bigger. I was always amongst the bigger kids in my class for example. Just a few extra pounds.

I was active. Hell my friends and I were always outside playing sports or playing in the woods. You know back when kids actually did that kid of thing. As the teen years came along I did slim down somewhat but I remember always being somewhat concerned with my weight and appearance. I had bodybuilding magazines around and longed to look like the men featured on the pages of Muscle and Fitness.

I did get into weight lifting and had many gym memberships over the years but never really stuck with it consistently enough to see any positive changes.

I also need to point out that I may have a level of body dysmorphia and I should probably see a professional about that at some point. I see myself as a huge blob. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and I loathe having my picture taken.

Sound familiar to anyone out there?

Sugar, Sugar and More Sugar

At a very young age I became a full on sugar addict. I was also a “sneak eater” as a kid. I would sneak cookies and junk all the time and then hate myself for doing it. This behavior continued on and off for years. Combine this with being an over eater and it was a recipe for disaster(pun intended).

Must Read– How I Have Lost 40 Pounds in 4 Months Using a Ketogenic Diet

I would maybe have some limited success with a particular eating plan and fitness regimen but it was usually short lived and I would go right back to my usual routine of eating nothing but junk interspersed with some healthy eating along the way.

This pattern has continued for basically my entire life it seems.

The Ketogenic Diet and Finally Some Success

I have known about Low Carb diets and Atkins forever and probably tried doing it somewhere along the way. I honestly do not remember.

But finally in September(2016) something clicked in my brain. I knew I had to Change The Code when it came to the way I was actually living my life. I had to change my programming. I realized I just could not go on eating ice cream and various other junk foods every day and expect to feel good physically OR mentally, or be at a healthy weight.

Something had to change.

Read this to understand some science about the Ketogenic Diet, Insulin and fat loss.

I will also admit to some vanity as I am traveling to Nicaragua in January (2017) and I do want to look decent and feel good about myself on that trip.

I have never  relied too much on a scale. Honestly I think I did not want to know the number. But I think I was somewhere north of 250 pounds with at least 25% body fat. That is at least 62 pounds of body fat!

As of this writing I am 223(December 11 2016) and my body fat is probably around 21%. I still have at least 25 -30 pounds I would ultimately like to lose.

How I Am Doing A Keto Eating Plan

I am not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietitian. I have taken a couple of very basic nutrition courses and have just tried to educate myself. I know that what works for one person may not work for someone else.

I simply plugged my vitals into this amazing Keto calculator and it did the rest for me. It told me how many grams of carbs, protein and fat I should be consuming. Since I have been playing this game for decades I actually find it easy to know what to eat. I also use the MyFitnessPal app on my phone to track what I eat.

Look, I keep it simple with my food choices. Yes I am probably eating too much bacon and I should have some more leafy green vegetables in my diet and I am going to do that this week(I swear!).

Ketogenic Diet Food List

Like I said, I am keeping things simple in my approach to ketogenic eating. Here are some of the foods I have been enjoying.

  • bacon
  • eggs
  • sweet potatoes
  • grass fed butter
  • ground beef
  • fish
  • tuna
  • oysters
  • coconut oil
  • spinach(but not enough)
  • avocado
  • Almonds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • Bulletproof Coffee!

I am also drinking copious amounts of water. At least 4 liters a day, sometimes up to 8 liters per day which makes things tricky as I am having to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME!

There are probably more things I am eating but that is about it for my own ketogenic diet food list. Not too glamorous but like I said I need to keep it simple and it is working.

What About Exercise?

Working out and being active have never been a problem for me. I have a little home elliptical machine and I have a set of Powerblock dumbbells. I have had those for over 10 years and they have saved me thousands of dollars in gym membership fees. Combine this with some bodyweight exercises and what more do you really need? My friends and I also love to get out for some long hikes whenever we can.

I am also a huge fan of H.I.I.T. Go fast and hard but for shorter durations. I might do 20 to 25 minutes of extremely intense exercise. Sometimes I will do it twice per day. Here is an awesome Youtube Video that I follow along with when on my elliptical machine. I only do half, about 20 minutes, at a time. This just goes to show that you do not need a gym membership. Just work at a high intensity.

If I Can Do It So Can You

I know that a lot of you who are reading this may be skeptical and that is fine. I know that you have probably tried a lot of other approaches to drop a few pounds and start to feel better about yourself. Believe me I get it. I know how frustrating it can be, especially when you see others having success with their weight loss efforts.

Right now all I know is that I am having success with a ketogenic diet. And if a 46 year old man who has struggled with fat loss most of his life can finally change his programming(Change The Code!), so can you.

If you want to learn more here are some keto websites that I have used a lot:

There are hundreds more with recipes and information but those three are a good start.

And for those of you who like books here are just a few: *If you order through these links I earn a small commission through Amazon- thank you!

I love comments so please share your thoughts. And please share this post. Thank you.

Change The Code. Change Your Life


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