Make no mistake about it, minimalist living is a decision. It is a choice to live counter to what society tells you is the norm. We have been told since birth to consume and collect. Deciding to take a journey to a more minimalist lifestyle rejects those messages and intentionally chooses less instead.

Congratulations. You have decided to Change The Code.

Making serious, life altering changes can be difficult. Your brain wants to maintain the status quo and it is all to easy to slip back into your old habits and your old routines.

Life is full of decisions, some of them are bigger than others. Some of life’s decisions can be made without much forethought. But other decisions should be made only after all of the consequences have been thought through. Minimalist living is one such decisions – it is not a choice to be made lightly. While on the surface, living a  minimalist lifestyle seems like just throwing away a bunch of clutter, it is in fact a journey that will ultimately end in your heart, mind, and soul.

With minimalist living you begin to see the world through a different lens. You start to see the over-production and over-consumption of goods. You start to realize the waste that is created and the damage that is being done to the planet. You will become sickened by how much some people have, and how little there is for others. Minimalist living has the ability to fundamentally change you as a person and I do believe it can help you to live a better, more fulfilling life.

Minimalist Living Tips To Consider

Start slowly and start small with it comes to minimalism. Trying to do everything at once may be a recipe for disaster.

Think small.

I live in a small apartment. I love tiny houses. I have a small, economical car.  I have a somewhat minimalist wardrobe. Maybe you can downsize various aspects of your life.

Consider Wants vs Needs.

You really only need shelter, food, and clothing. Just about everything else is a want. It is okay to want something as long as you admit that’s what it is. Save up for it and only buy it if you can afford it. Re-examine your thinking with so called “necessities”. You may find that minimalist living allows you to forgo a lot of purchasing.

Have minimalist hobbies.

My friends and I are into doing things outdoors. Yes sometimes even that can get expensive but it doesn’t have to be. I read and write and listen to music. I workout but have a simple home gym. Make art, or build something(a tiny house perhaps!). Be a producer, not a consumer.

TRY to not have collections.

Yes this is hard if you are into certain interesting things. Even I would geek out over a cool vintage album collection. But a room full of toys or having shelves of books? Think about using the library. Minimalist living means making room for more of what matters. Keep the albums, books, etc. that mean the most to you.

Limit technology.

I feel I have too much. I have a phone, cell phone and a laptop. No REAL need for a landline so I can do better. I do NOT have cable. What a colossal waste of money. Netflix and/or Kodi are the only ways to go if you want some entertainment. Seriously, get yourself an Android TV box and forget about cable!

Stop buying stuff.

You are trying to declutter the amount of stuff you have, so buying more kind of defeats the point of living a minimalist lifestyle. It will require some hard choices. Shopping is a habit for a lot of people. Instead of examining themselves they would rather numb their emotions with spending money.

Practice mindfulness

I feel that a lot of issues center round the fact that we are just in so much of a hurry these days. Slow down and think about what you are doing all the time. Think about what you are eating, watching, spending money on, etc. You want to be aware of your emotions.

Minimalist Living Will Change You

The practical benefits to minimalist living are there. You will have more money, more time and perhaps even better health. This translates to more freedom to pursue minimalist travel(like I do), or change careers to do work that is more meaningful to you.Hopefully it also allows you to reduce or even eliminate your debt. It opens up a world of possibilities.

Minimalist living is a journey, not a destination so just remember to take it slow and easy.

The choice to change your life starts with you. It can be done. If I can live a minimalist lifestyle, so can you.

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“Change The Code. Change Your Life.”

10 thoughts on “Minimalist Living Tips To Help You Live a Better Life

  1. This statement says it all, “Minimalist living is a journey, not a destination so just remember to take it slow and easy.” When we make changes we get so hung up on what needs to be done and form our to-do list to achieve the objectives, rather your statement emphasizes its an investment – it is a journey – it is something that we take slow steps daily to achieve and we have to continuously commit to that to achieve this positive change. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This statement says it all, “Minimalist living is a journey, not a destination so just remember to take it slow and easy.” We easily get hung up on the plan – the to-do list – to achieve and get to our end result. As you explained, to lead a miniamlist life its an investment, a journey, and something that we must continously commit to, to achieve that positive change. Thanks for sharing!!

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