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For those of you who love tiny houses this may just be the reason why. The Tiny Solar House is a 210-square-foot off-grid home on wheels that’s powered by six 280-watt photovoltaic panels.

off grid tiny solar house

The tiny house house on wheels measures approximately 18 feet long and 9 feet wide and it was constructed with a cedar exterior using vertical tongue-and-groove siding and long walls. It features a living room / office space; a kitchen with a fridge, double sink and a four-burner stove; a bathroom with shower and compost toilet; a sleeping loft with a queen-sized mattress and storage space.

tiny house on wheels off grid

The solar panels installed on the roof generate enough clean energy to keep the house powered throughout the day. These are connected to maintenance-free deep cycle AGM batteries and a MidNite Solar charge controller and Xantrex inverter that keep the system running throughout the night.

tiny house photovoltaic panels

tiny house kitchen photo

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tiny house kitchen

tiny solar house living space

tiny house living room art

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tiny house sleeping area

Tiny Solar House on Wheels

tiny house plans

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What do you like or not like about this off-grid tiny solar house?

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