It is entirely possible to make a supplementary or even a full-time income from blogging. And there are some brave souls out there who are doing just that AND they are also traveling the world pretty much full time.

So maybe you are like me and the bloggers on this list and you have a serious case of wanderlust.

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You want to quit your job and just travel I am right there with you, believe me.It can be done. Here are some blogs that are among the best of the best when it comes to blogging and traveling. These travel bloggers have put in the time and research so you can learn from their experiences.

Top 52 Travel Blogs To Read If You Want To Quit Your Job

  1. Nomadic Matt
  2. One Mile At A Time
  3. View From The Wing
  4. Johnny Jet
  5. Expert Vagabond
  6. The Planet D
  7. Y Travel Blog
  8. Nomad Revelations
  9. Two Monkeys Travel Group
  10. The Blonde Abroad
  11. Pinoy Adventurista
  12. Hand Luggage Only
  13. Our Awesome Planet
  14. The Savvy Backpacker
  15. Migrationology
  16. Out Of Town Blog
  17. The Poor Traveler
  18. Young Adventuress
  19. Keep Calm And Travel
  20. I Am Aileen
  21. Local Adventurer
  22. Travel Dudes
  23. Map Happy
  24. Chasing The Donkey
  25. Where’s Sharon?
  26. Miles To Memories
  27. Triphackr
  28. Travel Mamas
  29. Miles To Memories
  30. Points With A Crew
  31. Go Backpacking
  32. Bucket List Journey
  33. To Europe And Beyond
  34. A Dangerous Business
  35. 365 Atlanta Family
  36. Indie Traveller
  37. Solo Traveler
  38. Ordinary Traveler
  39. Travel With Bender
  40. A Luxury Travel Blog
  41. Goats On The Road
  42. Nerd Nomads
  43. Hippie In Heels
  44. Travels of Adam
  45. Just One Way Ticket
  46. Will Fly For Food
  47. One Step 4Ward
  48. Leave Your Daily Hell
  49. Never Ending Voyage
  50. Be My Travel Muse
  51. Legal Nomads
  52. The Professional Hobo

Be sure to take a look at How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. It is basically the bible for anyone looking to travel on a serious budget.

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So there you have a pretty awesome list of the top 52 travel blogs to read if you want to quit your job, give in to your wanderlust, and just travel.

If you know of other fantastic travel blogs be sure to add them in the comments.

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“Change The Code. Change Your Life.”


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