Images © Paul Burk/Minim Micro Homes

Brian Levy set himself out to design a tiny house and he wanted to create something that was comfortable long-term, sustainable for the environment yet still stylish, and he didn’t want to compromise anywhere. He believed the Minim Home should feel amazing throughout.

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Minim Tiny House on wheels interior

The Minim tiny house is an 11′ wide by 22′ long footprint home. It’s a wide load, but Brian’s logic is sound. Most little houses spend most of their time being lived in, not moved. It is still a tiny house on wheels so your home can be towed and moved.

Minim tiny house beautiful living area

When you go inside you’ll find all of the comforts of home. A kitchen, multifunction table, stools, sofa with room for five people, giant projector screen for entertainment, and a roll out bed (instead of a loft-YES!)

Minim tiny house projector screen

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Minim tiny house with no sleeping loft

And maybe the best feature: A roll out bed! No loft. Lord have mercy.

Minim tiny house Kitchen

A wonderfully large kitchen window allows for lots of natural light.

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Tiny house kitchen storage

As a minimalist who likes modern touches I really like the aluminum finishes.

Minim tiny house bathroom

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Minim Tiny House

Minim Tiny House floor plan

A very practical tiny house floor plan in the Minim. And there is now have an operational production line for the Minim House. The manufactured version of the Minim House is a further refined version of the original. The new Minim can be ordered as a trailer or foundation built structure, and has 265 sq. ft. of usable interior space.  Here is a PDF that describes the ordering and build process.

More info at MinimHomes.

What do you think of this tiny house plan and design? Share your thoughts in the comments and please share this post via social media. Pinning to Pinterest is especially appreciated! Thanks.

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