The Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes are pretty spectacular.

images © Honomobo

Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes
HO2 Model

Canadian company HonoMobo built an entire collection of flexible, multi-use living units out of reused shipping containers. These are beautiful and highly efficient shipping container homes. They are based out of Alberta and have the ability to ship anywhere in North America.

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They are finding a home for the over abundance of shipping containers that litter our country.

There are millions of discarded shipping containers sitting unused on docks around the world, and in North America they can be had for around $900 each.The Epoch Times

We all know that living within our means and staying environmentally responsible can be tough task when building a new home. Honomobo prefab shipping container homes use modern technology, highly efficient heating/cooling systems, and high-grade insulation to increase efficiency. Their Net Positive package enables their homes to produce more energy than they consume on an annual basis.

Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes
Honomobo HO4 Model

The fact that you can simply order HonoMobo houses online makes them even more appealing to homeowners.

The small 352 square foot HO2 house has an open plan with a full bathroom and functional kitchen.

Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes
Honomobo Prefab Home HO2 Plans

Honomobo prefab shipping container homes are CSA approved, which assures that your home has been engineered and built to meet the local building codes of where it will be permanently situated. They have been designed and sealed by registered professionals to be compliant with the local building code and are permitted by local municipalities as standard permanent homes. A Honomobo home uses all the same finishes as high-end homes, drywall, quartz, cedar, and spray foam insulation. These shipping container homes boast open floor plans, plenty of storage and floor to ceiling windows presents beauty while maintaining functionality.

Honomobo Prefab Home interior
Honomobo prefab homes have beautiful interior finishes

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Honomobo Prefab Home Kitchen
A wonderful Honomobo kitchen
Honomobo Prefab Shipping container homes
Honomobo open concept living

All HonoMobo models come photovoltaic-ready and include an air source heat pump and air source hot water tank as greener alternatives to standard electric baseboard heaters and hot water tanks.

Honomobo works hand and hand with you and your contractor to ensure that your property is ready for your new home. From there they will be in and out of your property within a week!

Honomobo Shipping Container Homes
Wonderfully spacious Honomobo bathroom

Why Choose Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes?

When Shipping containers were originally created, they were designed with modularity in mind. They were required to withstand all kinds of abuse as they journey through some of the world’s harshest climates.

Honomobo prefab shipping container homes make the construction process much simpler and more efficient than ever before. So why spend months building when it could be weeks? Imagine them as life-size Lego blocks and you will start to see the vast possibilities and opportunities.

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Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes
Honomobo Shipping Container Home. Simply Stunning

Do you like these Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes? Would you live in one?

Lots more information and photos at Honomobo.

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