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Greenmoxie Tiny House
The Greenmoxie Tiny House has a drawbridge deck, which allows the tiny house to remain a reasonable length for towing but then extend when stationary to offer an outdoor deck area(Credit: Greenmoxie)

Canadian green living proponent Greenmoxie recently completed its first tiny house. The firm is off to a strong start, and boasts some impressive off-grid technology.

The Greenmoxie Tiny House allows the owner to live off grid and comes  with a drawbridge-style deck that extends the living space.

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There are some other nice features in the Greenmoxie tiny house. And oh yeah that drawbridge deck is electric.

The eco-friendly 340 square foot THOW(tiny house on wheels) makes use of every inch of its compact layout to provide every amenity you’d desire, from electricity to a fully functional bathroom.

Off Grid and Luxurious

The Greenmoxie tiny house  is built with upcycled materials, renewable energy systems, and its small footprint helps reduce the environmental impact, while allowing homeowners to live large in a small space.

Greenmoxie tiny house
The Greenmoxie Tiny House has lots of windows. Note the solar panels.

There are solar panels on the metal roof and the windows do a good job of letting in natural light and allow for ventilation, as do the reclaimed modern windows that punctuate all four facades to frame views of the outdoors.

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A Very Cottage Feel

Built like a rustic and  cozy cabin, the Greenmoxie Tiny House features wood frame construction with handsome Shou Sugi Ban cedar siding sealed with linseed oil, hardwood oak flooring, a V-match pine interior, and reclaimed barn wood ceilings.

Greenmoxie tiny house living space
Rustic and cozy

The Greenmoxie comprises a total floorspace of 340 sq ft (31.5 sq m), and is based on a triple-axle trailer.

Greenmoxie Interior Layout

Greenmoxie tiny house loft
The Greenmoxie Tiny House has one bedroom loft

The  interior layout is all on one level, except for a bedroom loft that’s accessed by a storage-integrated staircase. The living area, which has a large couch, movable table, and lots of storage space, leads to the kitchen. A sliding barn-style door offers access to the bathroom, which includes a shower, sink, and composting toilet.

Greenmoxie tiny house bathroom
The bathroom of the Greenmoxie Tiny House includes a shower, sink, and composting toilet

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Greenmoxie Tiny House living area
A spacious and open living area in the Greenmoxie Tiny House. Look at that window!

Energy Efficient

The Greenmoxie tiny home and its energy-efficient appliances are powered by a 1kW solar PV system with 11kW of stored energy capacity.

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Water is collected using a 200-liter rain barrel and is conserved and reused using a combination of tools including a water recovery system, home drinking purifier, and gray-water holding tank.

Greenmoxie tiny house
Rainwater collection and solar panels on The Greenmoxie Tiny House

Spray foam insulation—an R35 roof, R22 walls, and R35 floor—and a heat recovery ventilator system help maintain stable and comfortable indoor temperatures. In winter, the home is heated using a Dickinson 9000 propane heater and a wood-burning stove. The off-grid Greenmoxie Tiny House base model starts at $65,000 USD. Yes that is a lot of money. But then again this is a very custom off grid tiny house with lots of high-end systems and features.

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Greenmoxie tiny house
A very well built tiny house

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For more information and photos on the Greenmoxie tiny house please visit the website.

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7 thoughts on “Greenmoxie Tiny House. Off Grid with a Drawbridge-Style Deck

    1. Yes the Greenmoxie Tiny House is very nice! It is a luxury, custom built tiny house. So you are looking at $65000USD to start.Which is very much in line with other custom built tiny homes

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