images copyright Casey Bennett and Esk’et Tiny House

*There is no listed price for this custom built tiny house. You must contact the builder.

The Esk’et tiny house has a total square footage of 280 sqft, including 2 lofts. The plans, available here, suggest building on a 24ft trailer. (Our first build is 20ft). The height and width are within legal road restrictions (8’6″wide, 13’6″high), so it can be hooked up to a truck and moved, without the need for wide load permits. The weight is under 10’000 lbs.

esket tiny house

The tiny house has a wood exterior that fits perfectly into its natural surroundings. The siding is beautiful local pine, treated using a Shou Sugi Ban method. (a Japanese technique of preserving wood) The carvings in the custom door and the salmon along the roofline stand out as beautiful, artistic features.

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Esk’et Tiny House Spiraling Ladder

This interior design feature is what catches the attention of a lot of people! Folks absolutely love this spiral ladder! It looks cool and interesting, but most importantly, it is super comfortable to climb up and down.

esket tiny house
People love the spiral staircase in the Esk’et Tiny House!

The Kitchen

The kitchen feels super open and spacious. There is a butcherblock countertop, routered the edges to give it a “live edge” feel, and extended it (using the individual off-cuts) to create an eating area.  There is a 3-burner stove and oven, and a small fridge above the wheel well.

esket tiny house

esket tiny house
Love The White!

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esket tiny house
Wow! Absolutely stunning!
esket tiny house
“Live tiny. Dream big”

Esk’et Tiny House Sleeping Loft

The shape of this custom roof  is absolutely perfect for maximizing space in the sleeping loft area, right where you need it. The loft extension allows room for a storage area next to the bed. The windows face the view of the surrounding forest. Wonderful design elements.

esket tiny house
Very nice light coming through that window

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esket tiny house
Beautifully carved custom door

Esket tiny house

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esket tiny house

There are lots more photos and tons of information on the building process if you go to the Esk’et Tiny House website.

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