So here we are in a new year and you are assessing where you stand in certain areas of your life. You feel like you could use a tune up in some aspects just to be a little more content, or happy, or…something. Jesus, what is it??

Maybe you feel like life is just a big waste. Somehow you have come across this living a minimalist lifestyle thing and you are wondering what it is all about.

What is a Minimalist Lifestyle and Does it Matter?

This blog started as a minimalist lifestyle blog. Well sort of. I have so many different topics that I want to write about. But I do try and tie them all together under the umbrella of changing your life by living a more simple lifestyle. That is why I officially call the blog Change The Code. My personal feelings are that you have to change your internal programming in order to make any real changes in your life.

It can be a bit challenging to enact lasting change in our lives. A lot of people set on out on this path but end up falling back into their old thought patterns and habits.

I’m Listening. Tell Me More

Some people believe that living a minimalist lifestyle means that you have to get rid of all your stuff, not have a car, only wear black t shirts, be a vegan and live in a tiny house or spartan apartment. And it can be any, or all of those things if you so choose. But thinking in such a dogmatic way is certainly not open minded. Minimalism is anything you want it to be.

I consider myself to be a minimalist. I eat meat(and I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months doing it). I have a car. I have a TV(gasp!). And I have a lot more stuff than that. But I don’t have a house(I live in a small apartment) that is filled with a bunch of stuff that never gets used. Could I declutter some more of my stuff? Absolutely. I am a work in progress just like everyone else.

Living a minimalist lifestyle is what you want to make it.

What Do You Want More Of?

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I think you are drawn to minimalism because of what it represents: Freedom.

  • You can be free from working a job that doesn’t inspire you.
  • You can be free from stress- maybe because of lack of money or that you are not spending enough time with your family
  • You can be free from trying to keep up with everyone else

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Maybe you want more time, a bit more money, more organization, more health and more peace of mind. Living a minimalist lifestyle can help you with all of those and more.

There is nothing wrong with owning stuff and wanting to buying something. Just save for it and realize that this material item is just a thing. Be conscious of your motivation for wanting it. Minimalism allows you to do just that.

I Wake Up Free

Living a more simple lifestyle allows me to live a pretty interesting life. I am fortunate to have no debt. Think about how freeing that is. I choose to be quite frugal. Not cheap, there is a difference. I work hard for my money and I spend it wisely. I am a saver. Because of all of these things I now get to pursue my biggest passion: travel. In just a few days(January 2017) I am heading out for a solo travel adventure to Nicaragua for 6 weeks. Living a minimalist lifestyle is how I am able to do that.

How you want to embrace minimalist living and make changes in your life is up to you. Read some of the great minimalist living blogs that are all over the place.


Living a minimalist lifestyle is not bullshit. Wanting more time, more health, more money, more peace, more love, more attentiveness is not bullshit.

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Giving into the mindless consumer culture of more, more , more and just following the herd? Now THAT’S bullshit.

Maybe it’s time to change the code. Maybe it’s time to change your life.

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“Change The Code. Change Your Life.”

4 thoughts on “Living a Minimalist Lifestyle: Is It All Bullshit?

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  1. Great post. Minimalist living is most certainly not bullsh*t. There is definitely a great distinction between frugal and cheap that sometimes gets overlooked, great point!

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