“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
—John Lennon


It is one of life’s greatest ironies that, no matter how much we want to be different, wherever we go, there we are. There’s just no getting away from ourselves. Go on holiday — there we are. Win the lottery — there we are. Move overseas — there we are. Wherever we look, we are looking out of the same pair of eyes; whatever we do, it’s still the same body doing it.

In the attempt to get away from being with ourselves, we search for something or someone to make us happy; the grass constantly appears greener someplace else. But in every relationship and every situation, there we are again.

Wherever you go…


Meanwhile, our mind is like a drunken monkey doing its best to distract us by jumping from thought to fear to drama to anything that will keep us trapped in an endless round of worries and concerns… “What if this happens… what if I fail… if only it could be like it was in the past… what will the future be like… I have to to get to a psychic for help…”


You’ve probably noticed there’s a current of thoughts and emotions flowing through our minds pretty much every second. Think of the current of thoughts and feelings like a river. Sometimes it’s mellow, other times raging.

How can we calm our minds? Is it possible to turn off our thoughts and just be?

In an untrained brain, the fluctuating current of thoughts and feelings has all the power. Meditation strengthens the ability to stand back and use conscious intention instead.

Meditation does not involve trying to change your thinking by thinking some more. It involves watching thought itself. It makes a fully lived life easier by helping us take our thoughts less personally, thereby freeing us to realize the best potential within us.

When you become an employee of the universe at large, you get to make your contributions by being yourself and doing what you do — but it’s no longer personal. You’re just part of the totality of the universe expressing itself. And what could be more powerful than that?


wherever you go


3 thoughts on “Wherever You Go, There You Are

  1. it’s extremely hard to be mindful of all times. Simple “trying” is not only not enough, but it’s the wrong way to approach it. The ego is a very peculiar and delicate being, haha 🙂

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