Good grief! What an amazing country Nicaragua is proving to be. I have been “in country” for a week and I am learning so much on this Nicaragua solo travel adventure. Both about the country and about myself!

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Nicaragua Solo Travel Happenings

Granada, Nicaragua is an amazing colonial city. There is a reason it is the most visited city in Nicaragua. There is a level of refinement here. Many houses have been redone and there is a thriving expat community.

This is a tourist town for sure but I still very much enjoyed it. I stayed at the very nice Oasis hostel. It was great but I think it is a sign of the times that there did not seem to be much socializing. People seem to be very focused on their devices.  Maybe this is true everywhere these days. That being said I did meet some great people there. It has a nice courtyard and a pool that is perfect for getting a refreshing dip. There is also unlimited coffee and a free breakfast with pancakes and bananas that I did not touch as I am hellbent on staying with my ketogenic diet plan even while traveling.

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

I then went to the volcanic island of Ometepe which is situated in Lake Nicaragua. A chicken bus ride to Rivas, a quick cab ride to the ferry at San Jorge and then the 50 Cordoba ferry journey to Ometepe. The ferry takes about an hour. Volcano hiking and just reveling in the unspoiled beauty of this remarkable place. Note that you may or may not have internet access depending on the island servers. This is NOT a bad thing. Turn off your devices and just be!

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Right now I am writing this post from the fantasticly eclectic Simon Says Smoothie Bar/Cafe/Restaurant in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

San Juan del Sur is a very touristy beach town on the southen Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It caters to surfers and tourists. I love it. There is yoga and meditation and a gym and many beach restaurants. I just love the vibe of places that are next to the ocean. Being from Nova Scotia, Canada it is in my blood. I have only been here a day but I am really enjoying it so far. Even if it is a bit windy but that is why the surfing is world class here.

The chicken bus
Laguna de opoyo
Paradiso resort Laguna de Opoyo, Granada, Nicaragua
San Jorge Nicaragua
on the way to Ometepe Island
The active volcano Concepcion on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua. Wow!
The Momentum Collective Art Gallery in San Juan del Sur 
maderas volcano
Volcan Maderas, Ometepe Island
Nicaragua solo travel
The Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur 
Nicaragua solo travel adventure
The sunset over the Pacific Ocean San Juan del Sur
Solo travel
Simon Says Smoothie Bar/cafe San Juan del Sur. Fantastic!


These are a few photos from my amazing Nicaragua solo travel adventure thus far. There is more to come as I learn my way through this fantastic country.

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