A journey of self discovery and self improvement can at times seem like a long process.

There are so many questions and we keep searching for answers. We read blog posts and books and read quotes for inspiration and guidance.

We talk to our friends hoping that they may have some insight into our lives. And yes sometimes they do.

But a good friend of mine has been mentioning that maybe we actually have the answers within us and that all we have to do is listen to our own brain.

My Solo Travels and Learning to Listen

Right now (February 2017) I am fortunate to be solo traveling through Nicaragua. Yes it has been amazing. But there have been times where my “old thoughts” creep in.

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Why am I alone?

The last one especially is with me. Most people are in groups or are traveling with a partner. So of course I am more attuned to this as I am not. Have you ever thought about buying something and then all of a sudden that item is everywhere? It’s like that.

But here is the thing: Who cares?

I have met some great people and been able to hang out and have some great conversations. What more could a person ask for? Oh yeah. Did I mention I am NICARAGUA?!

Even as a kid I was a bit of a loner. I had(still have) an amazing group of friends. But there were times when I would just go climb a tree and read or just sit by myself.

the answers are in you

There are cultural and societal pressures/judgments/beliefs associated with being single or on your own that often weigh heavily on single people. In our culture there is a very real pressure, whether spoken or not, to be married; an expectation that at a certain point in life, people should want to be with another person. A partner as it were.

Many of us internalize the external pressures and expectations around us — we adopt or over-identify with the issues of other people and society. We aim to please or meet the expectations of others rather than focus on our own expectations and desires.

The Instant Gratification Society

We want what we want and we want it NOW. We want success, instant weight loss, money, a new car, and yes even relationships. We want everything to just be perfect. We really have to Change The Code. That is change our way of thinking on a lot of issues.

How many people are with a partner just because they are fearful of being on their own? They stay in a relationship that is unfulfilling.

We need to just slow down. We need to listen to our own bodies and minds. Using mindfulness is huge as is practicing self compassion. We need to recognize that our feelings are temporary, relentlessly pursue self-awareness (know thyself first).

Life Just Has So Much To Offer

The answers are in you

I have the answers in me and so do you. The Universe is giving us the signs.

  • Slow down.
  • Just be.
  • Listen.
  • Observe.
  • Learn.

Life really is so short and there is so much to see and do. Spending energy on negative thinking gives us more negative thinking in return!! Again I KNOW this already but sometimes it seems difficult to train the brain to think differently. But it can be done.

Embrace Everything That Life Gives

We are all on different journeys. We all have a different path. But I am learning(albeit slowly) that we need to embrace it all. We need to love one another and live with compassion and open mindedness. We need to have gratitude for everything. It is all just stuff that comes your way.


 Be Willing To Feel

A lot of us do not know how to actually allow ourselves to feel our own thoughts and emotions. We are too busy rushing around and being busy just because that is what society dictates our lives are supposed to be like.

There is a mind-body-soul connection that we need to be aware of. It all works together. Healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy soul.

If you have crap to deal with from your life’s experiences then deal with it. Everyone has something. Open up about it. Embrace it. Learn from it and move on. I have stuff that I still have to deal with as well.

Listen to how your body feels. Actually listen to your thoughts. Try to notice every little feeling and reaction you have to what happens. Be intuitive and listen to that inner voice.

Every single moment is an opportunity to experience life to its fullest.

You have the answers in you (as do I). We just need to be brave, tune in and listen.

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“Change the Code. Change Your Life.”


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