As I wind down this incredible solo travel backpacking journey through Nicaragua, with an impromptu week in El Salvador, I am confirming what I already know: Life is better when it is all about learning to embrace simplicity.

Why Do We Insist on Making Life Complicated?

Playa Hermosa beach

We do an incredible job of making life much more complicated than it needs to be. You think you have it all together. Things are running along smoothly but just below the surface there is a tension. One wrong move or one more thing added to the pile and life gets overwhelming and sometimes a full on breakdown occurs. You could even feel it coming on.

Why do we insist on living like this?

Maybe it is the media telling us we are not good enough unless we are super busy and always wanting stuff that we really do not need.

Maybe it is our own insecurities when we look at what others have and then we compare ourselves to them.

Maybe we have not learned how to practice self compassion. If you have not learned how to love yourself everything else becomes much harder.

Maybe we have not yet embraced the art of mindfulness. Our brains are always racing with either thoughts of the past or the future but we do not just sit still and enjoy the moment.

Slow Down. Breathe. Enjoy Each Moment

Life will throw things at you that may make you question your sanity at times. I have been there. Everything is better when it is based on simple living.

Love, parenting, friendships, housing, money, work, travel, diet and fitness. I actually believe that the less complicated you make these aspects of your life the better off you will be.

Less Is More

Most people live with an attitude of more is better. 

You try to become more successful, more efficient, more adept, more available, more, more, more… This attitude of more brings with it being overwhelmed, exhausted and constant feelings of failure. You end up becoming a victim of a modern-day epidemic – more at all costs.

Reasons to Embrace Simplicity

The answers are in you


As you simplify your life, you get closer to the core – the essence – of who you are.


You begin to see who and what is really important. You know what you want, what you need. And what you don’t need.


In a physical sense when you embrace simplicity your home, your bedroom, your studio become a haven from the busy-ness of life.


Studies show that practicing gratitude daily helps improve health and well-being. Embracing simplicity strips away the inessentials so you can see just how much of what surrounds you is worthy of your gratitude.


Almost universally, those who pursue a simpler life will become physically healthier. You become more mindful of what you eat, how much you eat, how you move your body and how you care for yourself.


When you’re no longer weighed down with past, future, stuff, shoulds, worries and guilt, you have the time, energy and space to devote to relationships.


There is so much more joy to be had when living a simpler life. The important things bring joy – the improved relationships and connections – the little things – a beautiful sunset, a child’s giggle, a bird in flight, the warmth of a room full of friends.

Happiness Is Not Tied To Having Stuff

You may be surprised to hear that our happiness levels peaked in 1957. According to David Wann, co-author of Affluenza: The All Consuming Epidemic, the most affluent countries around the world are the same ones experiencing the most stress. Despite the fact we live in larger homes and have more gadgets than our parents ever dreamed of, depression and stress are very common problems.

Life is too short and too precious to live this way.

I urge you to learn to embrace simplicity. Living a simple life makes sense for so many reasons.

Do you live a simple life?

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“Change The Code. Change Your Life”


8 thoughts on “It Is All About Learning to Embrace Simplicity. Nothing Else Matters

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  2. Very true about the physical clutter. I’m in the process of being a minimalist to start my traveling journey and boy I have such unnecessary items piled up. I like the idea of having a simple, no-nonsense life.

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