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prefab tiny home 500 square foot tiny home by Preform Construction

I have a dream of living in a tiny house. I don’t know if a tiny home is really for me but I would love to find out!

I quite enjoy my apartment. I have owned houses and I get the whole “why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can get a house and own your own place” argument.

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But you don’t own it, the bank does. And from experience I know that a house needs constant maintenance. Even new builds are not immune from this point it seems.

Yes it is an investment(something that makes you money) but the only way this happens is if you have a rental unit and/or when you sell. And how much have you really paid when you factor in interest?

We could go…

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3 thoughts on “My Tiny Home Dream

  1. I have started a blog attached to my profile here of our journey to have a tiny home of sorts and an off the grid homestead. It only has 9 entries so far as we have just started out. It has a lot of information which may help you. Most people don’t realize how much a prefab or custom tiny home on a slab or wheels costs. It is a lot of money to have someone else build it for you. Check out the info I have in my blog it will help. I am going to post all the way through as we make our way along this journey.

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