This past January I was fortunate enough to have been able to do some solo traveling to Central America. I spent a total of 6 weeks in Nicaragua and a week in El Salvador. It was nothing short of incredible.

I am hoping to be able to do the same thing this coming winter.

I am also trying to save a significant amount of money to help my son with his post secondary education so it remains to be seen if I will also be able to travel for 6-8 weeks. I am hopeful though and researching possible destinations is fun.

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Where Are the Best Places For Budget Travel?

I am a budget traveler. I take a very small backpack(25-30 liters) and I stay in hostels. So any potential destination must meet certain criteria.

I do want/need to travel somewhere warm. I am do this to escape winter in Canada for 6-8 weeks. In Nicaragua it did not rain the entire time I was there. And I honestly did not find it to be too humid. Yes it was HOT but that is okay.

I need a solo travel destination to be budget friendly.

What does this mean?

  • Decent hostels for 10-15$ per night.
  • Street food for for 1-3$.
  • Budget friendly in-country travel options.

So the floor is open for discussion. Where have some of you traveled that you would recommend that also meets the above criteria?

Here are some possibilities for my next solo travel adventure:

Southeast Asia is a possibility but the humidity and the distance probably puts it near the bottom of the list.

Last year I was planning on Portugal but in February I think it will be a bit cool for my liking(still a possibility though!).

Other places in Central America like Guatemala. I heard lots of great things when I was in Nicaragua from other travelers.

South America, specifically Columbia and Ecuador. I have heard nothing but great things about these 2 South American countries. The question is in regards to the weather during February and March. Will it be sunny for the majority of the trip?

Another consideration is the value of the Canadian dollar. Right now it is very weak compared to the American dollar so for most destinations I am losing out BIG TIME on the exchange. This may become a factor when coming up with possible destinations.

So if anyone would be kind enough to comment with some ideas of where I may want to consider as a destination that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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37 thoughts on “Where Should I Go For My Next Solo Travel Adventure? Suggestions Please!

  1. Southeast Asia was my initial though upon seeing your requirements. February and March is fine to travel there, I didn’t find the humidity too bad to be honest. Though obvs the distance is factor – but then isn’t everywhere far from Canada? ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Central and South America are not too bad as far as distance from Canada is concerned. I will be keeping Southeast Asia in my thoughts. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, as well as Laos and Cambodia! Is distance a concern due to long travel times or cost? Southeast Asia can work out to be really cheap so might make it worthwhile even if flights are a bit more expensive (sorry not sure how much you would be paying from Canada, I live in Australia so its quite close). Vietnam for example has really good and clean hostels for around $5 USD, great street food for only a couple of dollars, and many activities and attractions are also either free or quite cheap. Also it’s an amazing part of the world ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the input. I have heard the same about Southeast Asia from other travelers and last year Cambodia was going to be where I was going to go but then I decided on Central America instead. I am on the far east coast of Canada so both distance AND cost would be a bit of a factor. I dare say that a return ticket would be 2000$ Cdn. I am not ruling it out though!

  3. Well, I was in southeast Asia since february till May , and It was just amazing for me. I loved it!

    I’m Colombian, so of course I recomed you to visit my country, Colombia is so beautiful, we have lots of amazing cities to visit.

    Southeast Asia is really cheap to travel, hostels and food are very cheap.
    Colombia is also afordable, I’m not sure about other countries in South America.

    If you decide to come to Colombia, do not hesitate in asking me questions, I can help you.

  4. I’ve been to Portugal this year at the end of January and it is beautiful non the less. The flights are cheaper due to the low season but you still have a solid 15 degrees most of the time and if the sun is out, there is nothing comparable to it.
    In Porto I can totally recommend the Tattva Design Hostel, great location and super nice staff. I spent 15 euros a night breakfast included and only booked a week before I went there.
    You can get cheap bus tickets to Lisbon and the rest of Porto. In general Portugal is pretty good connected through public transport but also Ryanair flights (Lisbon to Porto starting from 7 Euros one ways).

    1. Okay now you have REALLY got me thinking about traveling to Portugal! My main concern is the low value of the Canadian dollar. I just don’t know if I can absorb the loss. 15 Euro is about 23 dollars Canadian. Quite a difference. That being said Portugal is on the list! Thanks so much for your insight and advice. When I was in Europe in 2009 RyanAir was incredible for cheap flights!

  5. If you ever rethink about Southeast Asia, I suggest the Philippines! It’s very cheap once you’re there and it’s so fun. There’s amazing food and lots to do. Of course you’ll have to go down to the southern islands as well. I was born there and went not too long ago and man I’d love to go back!

    1. Yes I am certainly considering Southeast Asia as a potential travel destination for next winter. Columbia is up there too! I am all over the place with there I would like to go!

  6. i’m in nicaragua right now as part of my summer internship and am dreaming of Thailand… Vietnam sounds lovely as well! Both are cheap, easy to travel, and absolutely beautiful — tickets can be cheaper during the low season too!

    1. I am so happy for you. I hope that you are enjoying it. I LOVED it in Nicaragua. I am leaning towards going back to Central America or Columbia/Ecuador. I can understand you desire for travel to Thailand though!

    1. Oh my goodness YES! That would be awesome. If you can find out about the weather in February and March that would be amazing! Thank you so much. If you want to a do a guest post about your Columbia travels let me know!

      1. Its warmer in italy than in a place like belgium, i think february will be around 10 degrees (it can be colder) in march it will be in between 15-20 degrees but during the night it can still freeze

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