I have posted before about the fact that I deal with regret and with thinking about mistakes I have made in the past.

I certainly realize that dwelling on these things serves no real purpose but I still do it.

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I am 46 years old now and I have a very good life going on. I work. I save a few dollars. I hopefully get to travel for a few months during the cold Canadian winters. I have a great core group of friends. Is there anything more a person could want? Nope, not really.

And yet I have regrets. I find it hard to let go of some of those decisions I made years ago. I now believe that because of these decisions that were made I am not worthy of love or companionship. Some people are just better off on their own.

Anyway here is a song I am loving right now that sums up a few of these thoughts. Hope you enjoy it.

I would love to be able to “take it all back…”

Judah & the Lion – Take It All Back


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