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cluttered house

The More Stuff You Get Rid Of The More Free You Will Feel

How much stuff do you have? If you are like most people in North America you have about 300000 items floating around your place. That is a lot of stuff to look after, find a place for and clean.

Why do we have so much stuff? Well marketers do a very good job of convincing us that we always need something. Just bought the latest phone? Too bad. There is a new version that you should really check out. And so on. Plus we have this thing where we seem to feel the need to keep up with our neighbors. Competition maybe?

It is time that you Change The Code.

At times clutter has gotten the best of me as well.

So you have considered the benefits of owning fewer possessions: less to clean…

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13 thoughts on “How To Get Your House Decluttered This Weekend

    1. Yup! I get that. It is amazing what companies have come up with that we somehow thing we need. I need to clear everything out of this place and take stock of what i actually have! Seems so daunting to actually do that!

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