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The Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes are pretty spectacular.

images © Honomobo

Honomobo Prefab Shipping Container Homes HO2 Model

Canadian company HonoMobo built an entire collection of flexible, multi-use living units out of reused shipping containers. These are beautiful and highly efficient shipping container homes. They are based out of Alberta and have the ability to ship anywhere in North America.

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They are finding a home for the over abundance of shipping containers that litter our country.

There are millions of discarded shipping containers sitting unused on docks around the world, and in North America they can be had for around $900 each.The Epoch Times

We all know that living within our means and staying environmentally responsible can be tough task when building a new home. Honomobo prefab shipping container homes use modern technology, highly efficient heating/cooling systems, and high-grade insulation to increase efficiency. Their Net Positive package enables their…

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