Change The Code

more to life than money Look familiar?

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Einstein

What’s it all about?

Life I mean.

Am I the only one who sometimes asks this question?

I can’t be. In fact, I know that I am not. There is many a blog post about this very topic.


What IS it all about?

Let’s look at how it begins, shall we?

You come into this world as a crying baby, you slowly learn how to walk, everyone tells you how cute you are, you go to school, you act in a school play, you play handball, you go to middle school, your body starts to change, you get curious about sex, you hang out with your friends, go to the movies, etc.

(Have you ever noticed that kids are smiling in photos and seem genuinely happy, but as adults that…

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