A few years ago I picked up The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin at the library. I really liked it. She tells the story of  how on one rainy day on a train in New York City, Gretchen Rubin was jolted to discover her life as it was. She always believed she’d outgrow her limitations and found herself questioning: “Can this be me?” This inquiry led to a year-long happiness project and the resulting books. Instead of setting out to define happiness, as so many philosophers have done, Rubin set out to put the schemes into practice in her own life.

It is just real. Real stuff from a real person who has a real life.

Other self help books seem to talk down to you. I am not suggesting that they do not have some value but they just do not resonate as much with me as The Happiness Project does.

The Four Tendencies and The Happier Podcast

Fast forward to the present day and I have become a little bit obsessed with podcasts. I have a lawn care business and while I out mowing I can also be listening to a podcast  and learning some stuff. Or just being entertained.

Well it turns out that Gretchen Rubin has a Happier Podcast that she does with her sister Elizabeth Craft. And I really enjoy it. Episodes are anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes long and they share actionable tips to that may make your life just a bit happier. They also share ups and downs from their own lives with lots of laughter. Again it is real. And I really like that.

Rubin’s latest area of research centers around what she calls The Four Tendencies. The theory is the each of us responds to inner and outer expectations very differently. We have differing motivations for behaving in a certain way. And understanding our own tendency can help us in coming up with strategies that will work for us.

I have taken various different quizzes to help figure out what type of person I am and why I behave the way that I do.

The Four Tendency Quiz is the only personality quiz that has ever made any sense to me. It just seems to fit.

So I would love if people would take the Four Tendencies Quiz and then share their results here in the comment section.

The Four Tendencies

The Happiness project







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