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Greenmoxie Tiny House The Greenmoxie Tiny House has a drawbridge deck, which allows the tiny house to remain a reasonable length for towing but then extend when stationary to offer an outdoor deck area(Credit: Greenmoxie)

Canadian green living proponent Greenmoxie recently completed its first tiny house. The firm is off to a strong start, and boasts some impressive off-grid technology.

The Greenmoxie Tiny House allows the owner to live off grid and comes  with a drawbridge-style deck that extends the living space.

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There are some other nice features in the Greenmoxie tiny house. And oh yeah that drawbridge deck is electric.

The eco-friendly 340 square foot THOW(tiny house on wheels) makes use of every inch of its compact layout to provide every amenity you’d desire, from electricity to a fully functional bathroom.

Off Grid and Luxurious

The Greenmoxie tiny house  is built with upcycled

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