Another year has come to an end and hopefully it was a decent year for you.

I am sure that there were some ups and maybe a few downs along the way. That is life. But hopefully more steps forward than steps back.

So as you look ahead for the year to come what would you like to accomplish? As my previous post mentions I am thinking a good strategy might be to just pick one thing to improve and do it every day for the entire year.

By doing this hopefully you do not get overwhelmed with taking on too much all at once and then doing nothing.

Decluttering in 2018

So maybe decluttering some of your stuff is your one thing for the entire year.

I like this approach as I am really bad for thinking that everything has to be done all at once. And if it cannot be done I procrastinate and do nothing. I am human after all.

I am trying to change my habits as well.

Maybe you need to downsize your home, or you find yourself single again, or perhaps you simply realise that you can barely close your drawers and cupboard doors.

As the number of your possessions grows over the years, the situation can become out of control and the weight of all these ‘things’ can feel tiring.

Of course what you decide to declutter is up to you. Maybe it is you personal finances that need an overhaul. Or just your paperwork. It is up to you of course.

Remember that the average home in the US has over 300000 items in it! So I am thinking that a lot of you would like to pare down some of these excess items.

How Should I Declutter My Home?

There is a reason the Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold millions of copies and is a bestseller. People want a simple and clean space that is free of clutter. And yet we struggle with actually carrying through with it. We want help.

Here are just a few suggestions of how you can declutter your home:

  • Start small remember. You do not want to get overwhelmed with what MAY be a big task
  • remove 1 or more items every day. Place them in a box and at the end of the week donate or toss what you have decided to get rid of
  • spend an hour(or whatver) each Saturday morning doing a more detailed declutter of a specific room. Put some music on and go for it!
  • Take everything out of a room and go through it item by item. This may prove to be too intense for some but it may be something you can build up to doing.
  • Want to go really deep with it? Check out Swedish Death Cleaning.

Physically getting rid of our stuff can be hard. I am no different.

We are bothered by all the stuff that seemingly has no real purpose. We know it should go away.

But when it comes time to actually parting with it even the most well-intentioned of us have some blocks that magically appear and stop us from parting with our possessions.

Why Is Decluttering Hard?

For a lot of you your items hold some sort of sentimental value.

They are emotionally charged items. You remember the feeling associated with them so parting with them causes “decision fatigue”.

This in turn limits what you get accomplished. It is easy to put this off.

You may need to enlist the help of a friend to help you deal with it all.

For other items you bemoan the money you spent and feel wasteful by donating or tossing it. Even though you may not have ever worn or used the item in question. I am like that.

This happens even when a new version of an item is purchased! We hang onto the old version!

This is known as the “sunk cost fallacy.”

Another reason decluttering can be hard is that you associate your stuff with who you are. You tie your self worth to your possessions. This is also one of the reasons we buy so much damn stuff too!

You need to reevaluate your core values. What is truly important to you?

How and What You Declutter in 2018 IS Up To You

A house that is cluttered can lead to more stress in your life. You want 2018 to be a more relaxed and mindful year.

How your version of simple living or minimalism looks is totally up to you. It doesn’t mean you need to live in an all white house with no personality.

So let’s get started on getting rid of stuff.

You’ve got a year.



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