Living for Experiences

Have you heard of the “5 Cs”? Do you know what the “5 Cs” stand for?

Many years ago “5 Cs” was a big thing. Everyone was working hard, pursuing their 5 Cs – Cash, Credit Card, Car, Condo and Country Club Membership. As for me and my peers, our focus was on the first 3 Cs as we just started our career then.

There is nothing wrong with working hard, building our career. In fact, it is a good motivation as long as we do not allow the desire for material possessions and status take priority over our life, family and health.

My first car was a used Japanese car. I bought the car because the nature of my work then required me to be mobile. After driving the second-hand Japanese car for two years, I changed to a bigger Continental car. Then I moved from a 2-bedroom apartment…

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