Well 2 years ago I went to Nicaragua for about 7 weeks(and 2 weeks of that was in El Salvador). Last year I went to Colombia for 9 weeks and this coming January I am planning on Guatemala.

Great post here on Antigua, Guatemala. It is giving me some serious Wanderlust…



Hi everyone!

This blog post if my first one that is not cooking-related! I am both excited to share other parts of my life (like travelling and lifestyle), but also a little bit nervous and hoping you will enjoy reading these.

My friend Tess and I have always said we wanted to travel somewhere together. However, during the 5 years of our friendship, we never managed to go away together for a summer or even a weekend! As I was planning my summer, Tess and I realized we were free at the same time and wanted to explore somewhere new…. we had finally found time that would work for the both of us!
After throwing a few ideas back and forth of where we wanted to go, we ended up booking our trip to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico for 4 weeks. I’ve had the chance to travel a lot, but…

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