I cannot help but think that a lot of what we believe in and worry about is all bullshit.

Think about it.

We are taught that we should go to school, work hard and get good grades. Okay well this isn’t so bad. On some level it helps to prepare us for the world I guess.

But when you look at the vast majority of adults, how are they doing?

From various articles consumer debt levels are at an all time high despite people making oodles of money. The more money people make they more they spend.

The very people who are tasked with educating the youth are just the same as the rest of us. Teachers are in debt and are stressed out. People keep saying that money management skills should be taught in school.

  1. They are but most students don’t care
  2. Teachers are the same as the rest of society- living paycheck to paycheck
  3. Parents are broke but never sit down with their own kids to talk about money and spending

We are raising kids who just know how to spend and be over consumers.

Buying stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.

It’s all bullshit folks. It’s all made up.

What is REALLY important?

Your health, your family, your friends. And yet even though we know this and most would agree we eat nothing but garbage. we spend more time on our devices than having meaningful conversations with our friends and family.

It is crazy really.

And then there is all this Climate Change stuff.

Personally I think it is too late to do anything to save the planet. Sorry. It’s over. We had our chance and we did nothing really. Recycling your plastic bottles and using a reusable shopping bag isn’t going to reverse decades of over consumption. The use of plastic is going to increase  by about 40% over the next decade.

You cannot have an article about trying to make a difference on climate change next to an article about the loss of manufacturing jobs.

Our entire economy and way of life is based on consumption and manufacturing.

How can we continue to “support the economy” but care about the Planet at the same time. I am not exactly sure it is even possible.

We say we want critical thinkers. People who can form opinions based on facts. Okay. But then when people actually do this and start asking some tough questions about the way we are living our lives they are seen as a threat to society. They are Anarchists or Disruptors or at the very least they are part of the Counter Culture.

“That is just weird to think that way!!”

Let’s face it, most of us are Sheeple. We just go along with what we are told. Even though on some level we KNOW that the way we are living our lives isn’t working. But we are stuck. We were told to go get a degree and then get a job and buy a house and a care and all this crap. Oh wait, now you are really stuck because now you have to pay for it.

We are resigned to be hamsters on the wheel of life.

I am really wanting to check out of this screwed up consumerist society.

It’s all bullshit folks.

Surely I cannot be the only one who feels this way?

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