Very timely. Just be still. Self compassion and mindful meditation
“I am enough just as I am.”

One Woman's Quest II

It is not in my nature to be still. If there is a current, I will push against it. When my body fails me, my mind is churning. Emotionally, I am in a constant state of restlessness. Stillness does not come naturally.

And yet, when I take time to calm the body, release the mind, and breath through emotions, I can enter into a deep and restorative state.

So why don’t I do it more often? What am I afraid of? And is it fear, or is there something there in the depths of my soul that I cannot allow myself to touch/ reveal? Is it a sense of unworthiness that holds me back?

When the world feels like it is crashing down on me, I recognize the invitation. It is time. This week, I challenge myself to practice stillness, through meditation, breathing, yoga – however I find myself there.

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