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Inspired by Alex Elle’s #1AffirmationADay

Facetune_26-10-2018-12-28-44.JPGTake one or two or three and go for the day! Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself…

Today I affirm:

  1. I am not finished growing yet and I cannot beat myself up for things that I have not yet accomplished.
  2. I require love + care, just as plants need water + sunlight to grow.
  3. I am not a robot. I feel, I make mistakes, I hurt, I grow.
  4. I will not compare nor contrast myself or parts of myself to anyone.
  5. Not everything seen on social media is true, the grass isn’t always greener, so don’t be fooled.
  6. I am filled with unmatchless potential, power and perseverance to accomplish anything.
  7. God allows certain things to happen to teach me lessons and to see if I will still stay strong.
  8. The only person you should seek validation from is yourself and God.
  9. YOU ARE…

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