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images are copyright Von Thompson Creative

The ingenuity of people is truly amazing. Just take a look at this amazing school bus conversion. How is it even possible?

Mira and Jeremy Von Thompson took an ordinary school bus and transformed it into an extraordinary tiny home. According to Von Thompson Creative, Mira grew up loving art, while her husband grew up with a passion for carpentry. Although Mira’s love for art did not translate into traditional paint and canvas forms, she discovered she had a gift for creating spaces.

school bus conversion

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school bus conversion

school bus conversion

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school bus conversion

The Von Thompsons made sure to include beautiful windows in their space. They used round, square and octagons for the various windows.

school bus conversion

Stunning Shipping Container Homes

school bus conversion

A full-sized kitchen makes cooking for a family of three simple. The refrigerator is a…

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