Fear is a strong motivator, but it tends to be in the opposite way that we would like. Fear of the uncertain is a key reason we have a difficult time stopping and being.

Maybe you are fearful that you won’t have enough money to take care of yourself and your family. This uncertainty of the future motivates you to do things that are possibly not the greatest, like take and keep jobs that promise decent money but don’t give you personal satisfaction in return, or take on side work that you know will help pay for things, but could leave little time for anything else.

We don’t completely know what tomorrow will bring. Or even a minute from now. But that is a constant. We can plan for that uncertainty and face it.

Why Can’t We Just Be?

We are “busier” than ever. Technology is leading us down the road of being able to be busy wherever we go and at any time. It’s a constant stream of information that comes in, is processed in some way, and then goes out. We tell ourselves that we have to “make something of ourselves” and that we must always be creating stuff and doing something. Yet, we have to consume information to “be-in-the-know” to keep that same edge. At least this is what we are led to believe. What would happen if we did not accept this as “truth”?

It’s tough to “just be” anymore. Why can’t we stop for moment and see things for the actual way that they are? Why do we have to keep ourselves busy, obsessed, and “passionate” all the time?

What if I just want to sit still and look out the window for an hour? Or go climb a tree and think about the Universe? Is that so bad.

Fear of Having to Deal With Ourselves

Sitting quietly and not having two, five, or 10 different things going on at once would mean that we might be forced to deal with ourselves and our own feelings. We would need to examine if we are being true to who we say we are. And then when we realize that we are not honoring our true selves, we would be forced to make changes. Change is hard. Change can be painful. And who wants pain?

All the projects, to-do lists, and even goals aren’t worth a damn if we are not stopping to assess if they mean anything to us. We are just doing all of it because we feel we have to. it’s what everyone does after all.

But hardly anyone just sits still and allows themselves to be.

I am not immune to this.

I have too many tabs open at one time. I have a hard time watching a movie straight through without pausing to do something else. I can’t go for a walk without music. Why is that? Fear of being with my own thoughts. Fear of not being enough just as I am.

So I am with you.

For the next 5 minutes how about we just sit and stare at the wall with our thoughts?

How about we just be?

You are enough just as you are.



2 thoughts on “Fear of the Uncertain

  1. Great post! I’ve certainly noticed this in myself. I’m constantly reading blogs, books, news articles. Then on public transport listening to one of the 30 life-enhancing podcasts I’m subscribed to. Not only does all this distract from the present moment but it’s impossible to keep up and leaves one feeling overwhelmed. “Just being” is easier said than done though. A few ways I practise during the day is driving with no radio on and just sitting on the train a few times a week, no podcasts, no looking at my phone, just looking out the window. The public transport equivalent of staring at a wall!

    1. Great insight in that all these trying to keep up distracts from the present moment and leaves us feeling overwhelmed. And i also bet that it makes some of us feel like we are “not enough”!
      Awesome that you recognize this and are trying to just BE 🙂

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