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The Reason You Cannot Get Out Of Debt

You Need to Know THIS If You Hope To Pay Off What You Owe Reports are out here in Canada that Canadian households are carrying the biggest debt-to-income loads in the Group of Seven, the federal budget watchdog says — and that burden is likely to get even heavier. Canadians have piled up the biggest … Continue reading The Reason You Cannot Get Out Of Debt


Ways to Save Money Infographic

#savemoney Who wants to save some money? Seriously, I know you do! Since the holidays are always a crazy time of over spending and over indulging it is time to smarten up and starting saving your money. There are hundreds of ways to save money when you really look at them. It comes down to … Continue reading Ways to Save Money Infographic

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The Joy of Having Less. There Is More To Life Than Money

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” - Einstein What's it all about? Life I mean. Am I the only one who sometimes asks this question? I can't be. In fact, I know that I am not. There is many a blog post about this very topic. … Continue reading The Joy of Having Less. There Is More To Life Than Money

Have You Ever Argued About Money?

Have You Ever Argued About Money With Your Significant Other? I have a feeling that a large percentage of people would answer in the affirmative on this one. According to various studies and surveys people would rather discuss sex, religion, politics, past relationships, family issues than spend time talking about their own personal finances. Very … Continue reading Have You Ever Argued About Money?

Minimalist Living Monthly Budget

So a few weeks ago I actually had a deal worked out on a new car. I currently have a 2006 Honda Civic which has been paid for for a number of years. It has 212000 kms(131000 miles) on it but it still drives like new. Well almost. Not a squeak, rattle or clunk. So … Continue reading Minimalist Living Monthly Budget