save 100 dollars this week

The “Save 100 Dollars This Week Challenge”

Are You Tired Of Being Broke? If the answer is YES let's save 100 dollars this week. Like many people maybe you are living paycheck to paycheck. You are just scraping by. Paying the bills but never having any extra money. Now if you were to ask people about their lack of money they may … Continue reading The “Save 100 Dollars This Week Challenge”

how to stop wanting stuff

Is It Possible To Not Want Stuff?

There’s a part of today’s consumerist world that drives us to want more, buy more, act on our impulses, hoard, spend to solve our problems, create comfort through shopping, seek thrills through travel, do more, be more.

get out of debt

The Reason You Cannot Get Out Of Debt

You Need to Know THIS If You Hope To Pay Off What You Owe Reports are out here in Canada that Canadian households are carrying the biggest debt-to-income loads in the Group of Seven, the federal budget watchdog says — and that burden is likely to get even heavier. Canadians have piled up the biggest … Continue reading The Reason You Cannot Get Out Of Debt