No One Wants An Actual Relationship

Call me old fashioned but I long for an actual meaningful relationship. Based on my casual observations it just seems that no one is too interested in cultivating a meaningful relationship. It is all about swiping and hooking up. And that just isn't anything I am interested in . Examining My Values I have spent … Continue reading No One Wants An Actual Relationship

Antigua, Guatemala

Well 2 years ago I went to Nicaragua for about 7 weeks(and 2 weeks of that was in El Salvador). Last year I went to Colombia for 9 weeks and this coming January I am planning on Guatemala.

Great post here on Antigua, Guatemala. It is giving me some serious Wanderlust…



Hi everyone!

This blog post if my first one that is not cooking-related! I am both excited to share other parts of my life (like travelling and lifestyle), but also a little bit nervous and hoping you will enjoy reading these.

My friend Tess and I have always said we wanted to travel somewhere together. However, during the 5 years of our friendship, we never managed to go away together for a summer or even a weekend! As I was planning my summer, Tess and I realized we were free at the same time and wanted to explore somewhere new…. we had finally found time that would work for the both of us!
After throwing a few ideas back and forth of where we wanted to go, we ended up booking our trip to Guatemala, Belize and Mexico for 4 weeks. I’ve had the chance to travel a lot, but…

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parque tayrona Colombia

Great Scenery of Parque Tayrona in Colombia(Plus a Very Catchy Song!)

  Bomba Estéreo - Somos Dos One of the favorite songs from Colombia. Not only does it begin with the word “corazon,” (THREE TIMES!) but it will make you want to drop everything and go to Parque Tayrona immediately. And it’s catchy, AND it’s inclusive! Look, just watch the video, I promise it’s great. Can't … Continue reading Great Scenery of Parque Tayrona in Colombia(Plus a Very Catchy Song!)

Solo Travel is Amazing. El Cuco in El Salvador

Over the past four and a half weeks I have been fortunate enough to have been bouncing around Nicaragua. See also- Nicaragua Solo Travel  Update I have learned so much. Both about this amazing country and the wonderful people here and about myself. I have met so many other backpackers from other countries and the love … Continue reading Solo Travel is Amazing. El Cuco in El Salvador