Change The Code is about ways to change your life for the better. How do you do that? We feel that you have to change your internal programming. In other words you have to Change The Code.

From the moment you are born you are bombarded with messages about how to live your life. Your parents and relatives, your friends and coworkers, your teachers, the media, and even the government are all giving you messages that end up influencing how you feel you should live you life.

What if they are wrong?

All of us have dreamed about fundamentally changing various aspects of our lives. Maybe it is your work situation. For others it is their financial lives that need a new perspective.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“Our personalities, thought patterns, emotions and every habit we have is hard wired into our brains.”, says Richard Dawson, Ph.D author of The Emotional Life of Your Brain.

The Emotional Life of Your Brain
The Emotional Life of Your Brain- Buy Now

For some people, this kind of unrealized longing becomes almost habitual. What’s stopping you from taking the first actual step towards realizing their desires? The problem is that sometime we just don’t know where to begin.

You can actually change your brain.

What parts of your life need reprogramming?

You are actually constantly changing, but it’s hard to notice until it pokes you in the ribs.

It’s not a question of if you’re changing; it’s a question of in which direction are you changing.

We feel that it is possible for you to change your life. It is by facing your inner demons that you heal yourself, and change your life for the better.

Living a simple, more minimalist lifestyle is also a key factor when it comes to changing your life.

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But how do you do that? That is where this blog comes in. Articles with tips, advice and insight on how you have been programmed to believe in a certain way of living- a way that may no  longer work for you- and how to Change The Code so that you can live the life you actually should be living.

The goal is to help think differently, feel better, and live better.

Reasons Why Minimalist Living Is A Better Way Of Life

This site also contains our outlook and opinions on noteworthy events and people in and around our lives. Now keep in mind that we are just people. We make mistakes at times and we will discuss the ever-changing fluctuations in our attitude toward past decisions and future goals. Some days it feels certain that we’re headed down the right path, and other times we feel completely misplaced. It’s a continual evolution of highs and lows characterized by the balancing of family, friends, work, desires, and aspirations.

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Living a minimalist lifestyle is not just about having less. It is about making room for what matters.

You are in the right place.

Are your ready to change your life?

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“Change the code. Change your life”

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