Now Is The Time For Minimalist Living

*I am currently in Guatemala with no way to return to Canada. I came here BEFORE the Coronavirus was in the news. As the current Coronavirus pandemic takes hold around the world perhaps now us a good time to explore a shift in how we go out our daily lives. Now is the perfect time … Continue reading Now Is The Time For Minimalist Living

How to Stop Shopping

Before you consider how to stop shopping, it may help to understand why you want to stop shopping or to decide if you need to stop shopping at all. Buying things isn’t bad or wrong, We are all consumers after all. But shopping to feel a certain way, or to prove yourself to others or … Continue reading How to Stop Shopping

Simplicity: The Way Back to Love

Have you fallen out of love? I don't necessarily mean out of love with a partner but that may be a part of this. I mean more out of love with your life. Life gets hectic and insanely busy. Go, go, go. Be more, do more. Our society practically demands this of us. And when … Continue reading Simplicity: The Way Back to Love