you are enough poem

You Are Enough

I cannot guarantee you that you’ll never fall, but I can guarantee you this, you’ll always rise up!!! Also, failing means you tried. It is also how you can learn things. So be happy with who you are and what you have. It doesn’t mean you can’t be ambitious in life. Be ambitious in things … Continue reading You Are Enough

Great Infographic on Self-Compassion:


For UN´s International Happiness Day, I´d like to share with you this great infographic created by information designer Anna Vital. It´s a wonderful piece of advise on the art (and science) of self-compassion. Additionally, you might want to watch Kristin Neff´s TEDx talk on the same topic that you can find in my Positive Psychology TED suggestions. Enjoy!

Self-Compassion - Anna Vital

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